Jay Zuck's Digital Landscape

Jason Zuckerman aka Jay Zuck aka SimianZ is a graduate of the prestigious Art Center School of Design in Pasadena with my BFA in Illustration-Entertainment Arts.  I am currently a freelance artist, but I am pursuing a career in entertainment that includes feature animation, video games, and film.  From a freelance contract to full-time employment, I am looking for work and here’s my entertainment portfolio, resumé and contact information:

Entertainment has always been a big influence on my work, but don’t pigeonhole me.  I can do fine art too.  Paint, ink, pencil, and brain…  I have many weapons.

JasonZuckerman.com is a showcase of all my latest art and a place I try to Be Free, Create, and Grow Roots.  That phrase contains words I live by and you might call it my manifesto. This is NOT a portfolio website and it’s more just a day to day log of my free flowing journey through art.  Sometimes you’ll see polished portfolio pieces and other times it’s just me letting it go and posting the raw good stuff. All of it is a labor love.

The site is updated regularly, but there is no set schedule so check back early and often or better yet subscribe.

JasonZuckerman.com uses art as a way to discuss an expansive array of topics, but at other times the piece art will stand on its own. I will sometimes digress into comics, music, movies, a rare piece of news or a quote I like, but things are kept generally art related.  More than anything else, I want my art to start conversation and hear what you have to say so please tell me.

If you have anything on your mind about art, life, or the web feel free to shoot me a message at jay@jasonzuckerman.com.  I look forward to hearing from and hopefully, having you join me into that unknowable creative spiral that is bigger than all of us.