This is the complete rendering of my previous concept sketch posted on 11/10/2008.  It is also a continuation of the Wizard of Oz series.

Even though this will be my last Wizard of Oz post for a while this was actually the first piece I completed.  The concept was that of a powered down robotic Tin Man hidden in the desert.  He is suppossed to be a kind of battle droid which was left over from an ancient war that took place in one of the darker times in Oz’s history.

Dorthy and the Scarecrow are wandering the desert trying to find a discrete path to the Emerald City because the Wicked Witch has placed a bounty on both of their heads.  Dorthy is disguised as a witch herself to complete the deception and the grateful Scarecrow who was once crucified is her guide.  They are about to stumble upon the Tin Man who they will discover to be one of their greatest allies on their journey to find the Wizard of Oz.