“You may go, I’ll let you go, may god bless you

You’ll be mine, wherever you may be

It’s a warning, to say Aloha
’cause you’ll never find another Hawaiian like me
Oh no you’ll never find another Kane’ka like me
Oh no you’ll never find another people like us”

Iz from “Hawaiian Like Me”

I went to Big Island of Hawaii to bring my Nana’s ashes to their final resting place.  At sunset, we scattered her ashes in the warm waters of the land she loved.

It seemed like Hawaii, the land, its traditions, and its people were always on my Nana’s mind.  She would travel there whenever she could and considered herself a true Hawaiian.

My Nana was one of the people who inspired me to become an artist.  She tirelessly sought to bring the beauty of the world to light and gloried in the places she found it and often in the ways she could create it through her art.  Beauty was not just a word to her, it was a worldview.

My Nana went to Hawaii for the first time on her honeymoon when the only way to get there was by boat.  She set foot on every continent including Antarctica.  She even went to the North Pole on a Russian ice breaker, but no matter how far she traveled or what new exotic land she uncovered she always returned to Hawaii.

This sketch of the day was in part inspired by my recent trip to Hawaii.  I only say in part because I was also given a prompt by my art teacher Will Westin which served as the underlying basis for the drawing too.  The prompt read, “Kat’s father is a kite-maker, the best in her town.  She went into his workshop today and saw the most beautiful kite she had ever seen.”

Having just got back from Hawaii when I read the prompt, I was able to summon the island spirit and bang out a thumbnail sketch with ease.

I had the tune of Hawaii 78 strumming through my mind as the final sketch took shape.  It surprised me how fast it came together.  In the end, I hope I have done my Nana proud.