“For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast.” ~ Lord Byron

This is another spacecraft hybridization of the mechanic and the organic and what I call a mechanical organical. The triangular cluster of dots to the left of the craft echoes my own encounter with a genuine UFO.  Those three dots used to appear in a lot of my drawings, sort of a signature of mine.  I’ll tell you the whole story another time.

The piece was also inspired in part by one of my favorite anime series: Neon Genesis Evangelion.  Some of those Angels look almost like spaceships.

I was pretty blatant in establishing the mechanic-organic duality.  I tried to use organic shapes on the left of the ship and more mechanic one’s on the right.  There are even branches, veins and even leaf-like structures growing out of the left side and trailing arm tentacles like a jelly fish’s ready to stun anything foolish enough to drift in its wake.

One of my process drawings gave off more of a Death Angel Baby than a fully matured Angel of Death.

I continued to experiment and so developed its darker and more sinister Papa.

You might remember the old Passover story about the Angel of Death “passing over” the first born children of the Israelites thanks to the blood of a lamb painted across their doors.  I’ll tell you one thing, this one ain’t passing over no one.  An indiscriminate executioner!

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