“We’ve got to risk implosion. We may explode into the biggest fireball this part of the galaxy has seen, but we’ve got to take that one in a million chance.” ~  Captain Kirk in ‘The Naked Time’

In  the year 2010, Space Travel was possible. . . . But not very far.

Boldly going where no man has gone before was just a dream.  There was no Mars. . . .  no Jupiter moons. . . . .  no the wannabe planet Pluto.. . . .

Who thought we’d have flying cars by now?  Raise your hand. . . . . I know I did.

(Shakes a clenched hand up at an imaginary comic book thought bubble.  This jittery phantom of a thought balloon lingered like an electric smoke cloud above my head, with a bit of static like an old lit television, bleed through from an ancient dead channel in a parallel Universe.  It was the opening credits of the Jetson’s. . . . .

Starts singing the theme song like a kid again,   “Jetson’s meet the Jetson’s” . . . .   Coughs…… clears throat . . . . ”  pauses….. Quickly looks around to see if anyone is watching while imaginary bubble disappears like a phantom.)

Anyways…..  What’s really  important is I have a new post to show you today.   Something retro.   Something new.  Something 2010.

It’s my take on a Captain Kirk-like character design.  Not exactly Kirk, but I think it has the feeling of that type of character.

Let me know what you think and Tell me how you imagined 2010 as a kid?  How did you see your heroes?  Any heroes that maybe you came up with when you were kid?  Any sketches you wanna share????

Anyways I hope you enjoy.  Until next time. . .

Beam me up Scotty!!!