“So we sailed on to the sun,
Till we found the sea of green,
And we lived beneath the waves,
In our yellow submarine”

~ The Beatles

Sometimes 960 pixels is just not enough to tell the story of my sketch.  To tell my tale today, I am trying something brand new.  I am going to narrate portions of zoomed and cropped pieces of my layout which may necessitate you clicking on the images for an enlarged version to get the full effect.  Anyway, off we go.

Under the sea lies a fast food “dive” thru for submarines.  It is called the Frog Shaq and is operated by a trio of frogs who are sure to give your food the extra special attention it deserves.  There secret is a distinctive lick of the tongue to add that aquatic flavor, but shhhh don’t tell anybody.

Their customers today are manning a two man submersible complete with robotic arms.  The eager captain can not wait to get his fast food fix and his stoner lackey and second mate looks on intently to get his munchie groove on.  While designing these two characters, I was contemplating a Skipper and Gilligan like duo.

When drawing the submarine itself, I was also thinking a little bit of the vehicle James Cameron used in his various underwater documentaries with a little bit of a cartoony spin.

A school of fish, a hammerhead shark, and an opportunistic eel help create the underwater scene, but my favorite addition is the little crab brandishing it claws in the direction of the larger sub as if to mock its mechanical analog.  The fancy shmancy servo motor powered manipulating arms have nothing on him or at least that’s what he thinks.

The layout sketch is still a bit rough and I am going to give it another pass before I consider it complete.  So, now in addition to a final pirates layout you now have an undersea drive thru layout sketch hopefully to look forward to.  Keep your eyes peeled as they will be coming soon.