“The Desert Treegrower” has a pretty self-explanatory title.  This piece depicts a man in a kind of magical reality in the desert utilizing a mystical energy derived from fire and earth to help a seedling tree grow strong roots amidst the desolation.  I imagine the fire engulfing the man’s hand to be like the burning bush from the Disney movie Prince of Egypt (1998) in which the fire is cool to the touch, but possesses a kind of innate energy.

I have always had this strong feeling that the desert is the place to go both to find yourself and connect with the Earth: it is the place of the Vision Quest.

You might also notice what may appear to be a abstracted sun in the sky, but actually I meant this to be a UFO.  One day I will have to tell you of the time I witnessed a UFO with my own eyes.

I liked the idea of suggesting an Extra Terrestrial presence because I think they may very well be tapped into an energy which a normal human being is unaware and  that they would also look on with interest to someone connecting to this energy.

The metaphor of life surviving difficult circumstances is pretty inspiring and profound.  Conveying this metaphor in the context of a deep connection with energy of the earth is what this picture is fundamentally all about.