Here’s a brand spanking new piece of art.  It is a pencil sketch layout about a kid who on Halloween night decides to go down river on a raft. He has decided he’s just too old to go trick or treating anymore, but Halloween remains his favorite holiday. There is something about it’s scary nature that appeals to a dark unshakable crevice of his soul.

He makes his way down the mighty Mississippi River when all of a sudden his raft hits a fallen tree and comes to a lurching stop. The boy finds himself in the swampy Mississippi river delta.

He’s lived his entire life near the Mississippi, but this is his first time attempting such a daring journey.  A part of him now wishes he never had.

His raft is stuck and he has no clue where he is. Now alone, far from home, his only companion, a Jackolantern, strangely has enough ideas of his own. Ha ha ha ha ha…………

This piece is a layout that I’m going to finish as a digital painting someday.  Hope you like it and Happy Halloween.