This doesn’t read like a comic book.  These dueling cars storyboards are read up to down in each column.  Start on the first column and when finished move to the next.

Sorry, if that was confusing.  I drew these out of order and just put them together in Photoshop to post when I realized that most of you will probably read this like a comic book.  Well, it’s posted already the way it so deal with it.  If I can spare some time at some point, I’ll try to fix it.

These storyboards are based off of Duel, Steven Spielberg’s first movie.

I hear Speilberg was only 25 when he made it.  I’m going to be 25 in Febuary and thinking about this makes me feel the pressure to do something at least as cool as Duel before another orbit of the Earth around the Sun declares me 26.  Now, that doesn’t mean I want to do a movie but maybe a cool graphic novel or at least an idea for a movie.

Art school will be behind me in less than a year and time is on its neverending march.  If Pixar or Dreamworks or some other studio doesn’t hire me on the spot right out of school, there may be an opportunity to do something a little more personal which would have its own advantages.  Well….we’ll see what happens.