Just to recap,  I am continuing to work on the  character designs based on the Hunter S. Thomspon story Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.  I wanted to discuss tonight why I am bothering to show you all these lizard people process sketches.    I would also like to explain what these types of process sketches mean to me in my creative process and I hope this might shed some light on what meaning you might derive from my rougher work.

Art is more than just a finished product.  I could sit here and only show off  finished work, but while that might be the level art is typically consumed it is not the level at which it is made. 

 I have found that most people enjoy seeing and experiencing the process of art with me.  At the same time, I understand a culture of instant gratification which wants something amazing right now or else don’t waste my time.  

I am going to lay down a foundational statement for Jay Zuck’s Sketch of the Day so take moment to and tell your friends if need be.  At Jay Zuck’s Sketch of the Day, I am as concerned about the process as I am about the finished product.  This is not a portfolio page, but it is a record of my artistic journey and process.  I desire the people who follow this website to find themselves engaged in the journey of creation and maybe draw some lessons about the direction of their own creative destiny.

What I am showing off today is one sketch out of a couple of dozen I have created to establish the basic look and shape of the Fear and Loathing lizard people.  It is a brainstorming and fleshing out process you are sharing with me.  Is this the best thing I have ever sketched?… Well, no and that’s ok for me.

When I start a character design it is really about figuring out form and proportion and playing around with as many ideas as possible.  I want your feedback, but I want you to understand the goal.  There is a widdling process where I begin to focus on the designs that I like before I render out the details.  I want you thinking character, shape, and proportion along with me.

I know that a pretty cool finished product will come out of all these trials and tribulations so please consider this an open invitation to come along with me on a continuing exploration of the creative process.