Well, I mentioned a number of posts ago that I was working on putting the melodic madman in an environment.  He finally found his home amongst these nightclub yuppies, but that’s alright, he is the coolest dude in the room for sure.

I know this layout sketch has been long in coming.  I had advanced it to the stage you see above some weeks ago, but had no good way in which to scan it.  It is much larger than my usual layouts and the prospect of combining at least four distinct scans into one image didn’t seem all that appealing.  On the other hand, neither did the fact that Kinko’s wanted to charge me $7.50 a square foot for an estimated total of 16 buckaroos to do a large format scan.  What a rip!

Anyway, this is really just another perspective excercise with a little bit of character design thrown in.  I am not sure I will ever get around to cleaning it up and turning it into anything in particular. I am more than content for the moment to leave it in this sketchy form.  I often prefer that to the super polished stuff anyway.

Now, go listen to something cool, connect with that mad melody, and make your way back tomorrow you hear.

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