Well, yesterday I sketched something entitled, “Evolutionary Vision.”  A natural question to ask might be an evolution to what?  In the above piece, I see a bird.  That’s how my mind empowers the abstraction in an act of voodoo magic (yes, yes here at Jay Zuck’s Sketch of the Day we believe in being self-referential so if you don’t understand what I am talking about venture back).  My brother on the other hand sees a Rhino in kind of the vein of my Rhino Alien Character Design.  I put it to you.  What do you see?

Getting back to the idea of an evolution in vision, I think what we are taking about is an evolution towards a salient idea.  How minds interperet representative forms and meanings, transmit that information between themselves, and in a kind of model of Darwinian evolution eventually lend the lines and paint the “strongest” or most crystalized concept (See Susan Blackmore on Memes and Temes).   

In my piece yesterday, perhaps unsurprising for those of you who know my penchant for the Simian and the things that I try to impress that word with, the vision is being depicted concretely evolving toward a monkey.  Many things in my art when I let them truly be free, evolve if you will toward the Simian.  It is an idea which means much to me, but perhaps nothing to you, but which I will ceaselessly dare to insert in the marketplace of ideas to compete, die, or thrive.

Update:  The memes are taking over!  I am loving the vibrant exchange of ideas in the comment section.  Talk about empowering an abstraction.  Thanks to you some real voodoo is afoot.   Keep the juju magic flowing and Darwin will figure out the rest.  I think I may now have really seen a “world full of brains, and far more memes than can possibly find homes.”  Really brilliant stuff and as always, be free, create, and grow roots.