“So, like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us. ”  ~ Gaston Bachelard

In my composition, I feature a child as a kind of third eye.  The child is meant to look confused and lost.  He is rubbing his eyes as if just awakening from a slumber.

When I think about why I started art in the first place, it was really just play.  Play was the cornerstone of my creative force.

The aspirations of a child carry no delusions of grandeur and few constraints.  Play comes naturally and the wisdom of a child knows that play time is the best time.

All of us, from those who pursue the most logically rigorous disciplines to those who pursue the most creative, must seek to let that child out of our minds to interact with the world, to enrich our craft, and to enhance our lives.

Society bombards us with so many notions which as children we wisely dismiss.  Eventually, we all succumb to a certain extent to the unyielding demands of growing up, but the best among us never allow the child to be beaten out of us completely.  One of my heroes Dr. Seus said it best when he declared simply, “Adults are obsolete children.”

Enough writing for now.  It is time to consult my inner child and practice the art of playing.