“Scottish by birth, British by law, a Highlander by the grace of God.” ~ Scottish Proverb

It just so happens that yours truly is 1/4 Scotch Irish.   Yes, yes I know.  How ironic is it that the Scots did the same thing to the Irish that the English did to Scots, but I have it on good authority that the Irish stole their land from the Leprechauns who in turn stole the land from the Hobbits so what are you going to do.  I do however wonder what good ole William Wallace would think if he only contemplated such a vicious cycle?  Leaving history where it belongs in the past, I will just say that it is nice to have some ancestral sympathies with your subject.

This is a painting from class last week.  I get to do one of these once a week and by the end of the term I should have at least 14 of them.  You may or may not remember “The Knitter” from last week which was actually my first.

All these class paintings will certainly be good practice, but I have some more creative stuff in the works too including a painting of “Hitchiking A Ride to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”