What were you doing in 2003? I have been doing a lot of character design, layouts and generally art which is designed to entertain lately and not nearly enough art for art’s sake. I am not going to sit here and judge which form of art is superior to the other, but I do know how satisfying it is to just let the creative process flow.

Back in 2003, I was graduating high school and that free flowing art is what I lived for. I had a sketchbook and pen at my hip at all times ready to see where the day’s artistic musings would lead. Yesterday, I showed off a sketch which showed a man in a Simian Suit rekindling a fire.  I wanted it to signal that there was a fire within me that was still burning which needed some tending and also clarify the purpose of what might have appeared to be a random appearance of a simian style inked eagle.

Anyway, I have decided to continue down this path and get some distance on the march of Fear and Loathing Lizard Character Designs by ending the week with something a little different: something a little less constrained.

I’ll let your eyes and your mind interpret however you will today’s sketch having given it just a little bit of context based on my thought process recently. I like this pen and ink drawing on its side as I have presented it, but you might want to drag it on your desktop and flip it around from all sorts of angles. There is something which can be seen pretty much every which way.

The point of the Sword Simian Style

No matter what you are doing in life there is some creative process which seeks expression and flow. I hope that you might flashback to your own moment in life when your desire to create just poured out into something. So go make it happen and decide affirmatively to follow and realize your passions in life. I know I am trying.