“Perspective shall set you free.” ~ Bob Hunt

I know all of you have something in your life which you need to keep in perspective.  Well, it just so happens that in mine I have to keep perspective on perspective.

Perspective can be most generally defined as the state of one’s viewpoint.  From an artistic perspective,  it is the technique by which three dimension space is conveyed on a two dimensional surface such as a drawing.

I have made my general feelings about artistic perspective known.  Remember though that perspective is a state of mind.  Our brains organize information in a way that is useful to interact with the world, but it does not necessarily follow that this is the way one must confine and organize artistic expression in the same way all the time.

The other side of the argument is that sometimes it is useful to express things in ways people are used too.  Art is a way to communicate ideas and sometimes the ideas are best served by expression in conventional ways.

Anyway, I had this perspective assignment to draw a few building in Old Town Pasadena freehand and all the while I was thinking about my perspective on perspective.  Where was the freedom in rendering reality caged by perspective lines and vanishing points?  Ultimately, I concluded that there is freedom and power in the added vocabulary of expression afforded by drawing in perspective well.   I may have always been compelled to bend reality, but I should do so as a deliberate choice.   If I really believed in magical realism and the capacity of the human mind to take “reality” and turn it on its head, then perhaps I should be able to tackle any perspective as it were.

My perspective skills as an artist are very much a work in progress, but I think if I can keep my own attitudes and thoughts in perspective I will find myself free to explore reality from all sides and deconstruct it in magical ways which I have yet to even contemplate.  I hope all of you will find that one thing in your life and do the same.  Have faith that great things are coming.