A vision carved on paper, set free.  Just something I had lying around I wanted to show you guys.

I have been working at Thinkwell since the beginning of the year and this is so not what I have been doing.  It is a stark contrast from the studio theme park work I have been doing that obviously I can’t show you for contractual reasons, but wish I could.  It sucks when you don’t own your work, but I will get inside your heads one way or another.

Some cool stuff for you Monkey Kingdom Simian-heads, I did character design and other work for a theme park in China which was a blast.  The theme park was based on the story Journey to the West: Legend of the Monkey King.

Here’s a little something from the Gorrilaz artist Jamie Hewlett on the Monkey King for the Beijing Olympics.

It was a dream project to work on the Journey of the West theme park including being able to design the legendary characters.  I even got to design some Journey of the West rides which for me creatively was breaking some new ground.

Anyway, I hope you can appreciate the free-flow Simian vision.

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