“Rabbit War” is a peice I created with the Goat-taur character designs I posted on November 4th and November 5th.  You probably notice the striking resemblance of characters in the Goat-taur army to the characters I designed for the latter post.

As in most of my layout sketches, I seek to tell a story.  In “Rabbit War,” a member of the rabbit Thumper’s family is being held captive by the evil Goat-taurs.  The character Thumper is of course inspired by the Disney classic Bambi.  It is up to Thumper’s family to save the imperiled member of their brood even while the Goat-taurs remains staunchly proud and defiant.  These aren’t your Grandpappy’s Thumpers and they no doubt have a trick or two up their sleeves to overwhelm their mighty foe.

You have already seen the character designs, but I have gotten great feedback on sharing the visual development of these layouts.  As always, it starts with a rough thumbnail:

I then go through the process of making sense of my scribble and begin to develop a rough layout which are merely bigger scribbles.

The thumnail is usually no more than 2 inches wide, but I blow it up more than 500% to begin the real sketching.  Feel free to click on my rough layout to see a larger version.