In my reimagination of the Wizard of Oz, I envisioned a scenario under which the Scarecrow opposed the Wicked Witch in some kind of rebellion.  My rendering of the story shows the Scarecrow’s harsh fate after being dragged forcefully through the fence and up the hill to the place where he now sits crucified on a cross.

Dorthy is on the beginning of her journey on the yellow brick road when she comes across the broken fence.  Her eyes follow a barely detectable trail to the crucified Scarecrow in the distance with birds flying overhead.  Dorthy is so shocked by the scene that she forgets all about her yo-yo.  It is indeed sad to observe a Scarecrow which does not in fact scare any crows.

The Dorthy character was inspired by an illustration by Tatsuyuki Tanaka in his book Cannabis Works.

I often get asked where Toto is in scene to which I jokingly respond that Dorthy was performing the famous “walking the dog” trick with her yo-yo.  Did I mention that Toto and yo-yo rhyme too?