“This shark, swallow you whole. Little shakin’, little tenderizin’, an’ down you go.” ~ Robert Shaw as Quint in Jaws(1975)

Alright enough of that. Really, I just wanted to convey the bad boy allure of this apex predator with the imprint of my Simian Style rather than reinforce the stereotypical idea of the malicious man-eating shark. This stereotype has been terribly harmful to sharks which by some estimates are dwindling in number at a rate of 100 MILLION per year killed as a result of human fishing and also deliberate shark fining.

Shark fining, for those of you who don’t know, often involves catching a shark, removing it’s fins and disposing of it’s carcass overboard to slowly drown. The fins are used to prepare the Asian delicacy of shark fin soup and sadly that’s where the money is. Sharks are a majestic creature and they deserve our respect and awe not to be inhumanely savaged, mutilated, and killed for their fins.

Some of you may remember that a while back I posted a logo I designed for a fantastic organization called Iemanya Oceanica which seeks to preserve sharks and rays. They have numerous great programs ranging from “adopting” your very own shark to scholarships and educational outreach. I encourage you to check them out to further educate yourself on the predicament of sharks worldwide.

Finally, I found this great video called the “Death of a Deity” by Joe Romeiro of 333 productions which does a superb job portraying how incredible sharks are, how vital they are to the ecosystem of coral reefs, the inhumanity of shark fining and also the degree to which generally human activity is damaging sharks and the ocean at large.

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