“I’ve tasted the maggots of the mind of the universe.  I was not offended…” ~ Funkadelic

So what is today’s sketch all about?   Hmmmmm……. Should I tell them the truth? It’s a Hummingbird.  Yup , a hummingbird, tick, maggot brain burrowing through the crevices of hyper-dimensional surfaces in the all mysterious holographic infinity of the multiverse.  It’s actually a spaceship: a mechanical organical.  This spaceship can and has traversed through the Alpha and Omega…. It’s seen the Yin and the Yang, the bang at the beginning and the crunch at the end, the event at the horizon, Buddha’s fingertips like dark matter monoliths holding up the universe…..the place that tongue can’t tell.

The spaceship has  also burrowed trans-dimensionally through each and every pocket and layer of the under and over worlds.  Hummmmmed through every spectrum of frequencies, leisurely crossed an Einstein-Rosen bridge and seen that cool spiraling light show in galactic time.  You haven’t truly lived until you’ve hopped hyperdemensionally through pockets bounded with surfaces of time.  Jay’s SPaceShip travels through what I would like to call the bleed and it has taken notes….and some doodles….

Sci-fi enough for y’ah?  Are you entangled in this quantum state?  I’m sure you could figure out what I’m talking about if you’re willing to go there……. Anyway, I want to to talk you people out there…..  Who is watching Lost?….  Love that show!

What’s the deal? Can we start a discussion on my website?  Can we find some cyberpunks, anybody on the web to throw some comments out there?  This corner of the cyberspace is waiting already. What the F#@%k?….. What does it all mean?…… Say whatever you want, just comment.  Say something cool.  Have fun.  Say something that’ll inspire me, you, or anybody to draw or paint something…..Talk about whatever you want.  Are you ready to jump on this rocket ship?!  We’re all going interstellar……  If you’re ready……. it’s time to Be Free Create and Grow Roots.  I have a secret plan tentatively called the Community Art Project 1.0.  Watch out for details.

Your neighborhood friendly artist Jay Zuckerman signing off till next time and leaving you with one of my favorite songs of all time….. Maggot Brain!

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