“The Battle at the Bridge” is a digital painting representing the struggles we all face.  We all have our bridges that must be crossed and the epic foe which stands in our way.  But, to not fight would only mean death and unhappiness. So I choose on this first post to fight for every last breath and to entertain the wide world with my art.

I want the people who follow my artistic musings to be struck by an emotion or idea.  It is my goal that all my pieces will do just this.  Sometimes my art will be fully composed and other times, perhaps most of the time, they will resemble more of a sketch.  Regardless, I hope I have given you something to think about and something you will enjoy.

I also want to share with you my process.  The following are the various stages of the visual development of “The Battle at the Bridge.”  It shows off the trenches in which my artistic battle was waged.

Brace yourself, for the commencement of Jay Zuck’s Sketches of the Day…