“By blood a king, in heart a clown.” ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

The clown while designed as a caricature for the purposes of entertainment and humor is also a figure of irony and contradiction. Its exaggerated features and endless supply of silly humor creates doubt in the mind of the cynic as to the “truth” of the matter. Nobody can possibly be that happy can they? What would it feel like to be laughed at all the time? Could you ever be taken seriously even if you wanted to?  All of sudden, an object of laughter becomes an object of pity and the classic motif of the sad clown is born.

Today’s sketch of the day depicts a sad clown wrapping himself in the comforting cloth of the circus tent. He is the classic contradiction with both a cigarette and balloon in his free hand. He has the distant stare of a life-hardened adult, but a slight smile and a child’s contentment in being enveloped by something you love.

I find myself still ensconced in the promised layout of a carnival scene based on Friday’s “Caught in a Shadow” sketch, but in the meantime I hope today’s sketch has moved the ball along thematically for the ultimate release of my carnival layout later this week.