Daedelus is an experimental musician based out of Los Angeles.  A friend of mine introduced me to his album “Exquisite Corpse” and I have been hooked ever since.  If you ever have an opportunity to witness him live, I would encourage you to go.  He is not just a remarkable and innovative musician, but also an amazing performer too.

Daedelus embodies a kind of Mad Hatter spirit if the Mad Hatter went to the future and brought back some instruments to share with us.

His music is sample driven drawing heavily from syphonic electronica, funk, and hip-hop.  The music sounds very experimental, but is also very well produced.  His songs range from fun to haunting, but his style as a whole is difficult to pigeonhole.

I wanted to design a typography around Daedelus’s musical vibe.  It isn’t the type (no pun intended) of project I am used to doing, but it was rewarding experience which came out rather good in my humble opinion.