Eben 07 with Mountain Troll and Babe Hostage

As you might remember, I was a guest artist participating in the declassification of Operation: For the Love of Russia over at Eben07.com.  Let me refresh the memory of the uninitiated:Troll and Babe Hostage

And the corresponding finished pages:

Well, it is my privileged to announce the publication of the 52 page trade paper back of the complete secret agent comedy, Operation: For Love of Russia.  D. Bethel and Eben have created a fantastic book of which it was an honor to be a part.

If you are anything like me, you go to the comic book store once a week to browse the new releases and pick up a couple of choice books.  This week as you consider your comic book purchases please consider picking up your very own copy of Operation: For Love of Russia for the incredibly reasonable price of $10.

So whether you want to see yours truly, Jay Zuck, in print or you’re a comic book fan looking for a great read, consider supporting good art, good writing and this great finished product.

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