I was looking at my total number of posts the other night and I realized that I had crossed the 100th post threshold.   The milestone was crossed with my “Desert Treegrower” post.  I guess I am in such a groove I didn’t even notice let alone mark the occasion until now.  Better late than never.

In my follow up to “Desert Treegrower,” I posted a very similar scene entitled “Grow Roots.” The timing of the these posts strikes me as somewhat ironic.  This blog has been a big part of my effort to “grow roots” and make an additional place for my ideas and my art.   Day by day and sketch by sketch I have taken root and my roots have grown stronger.  The vast internet has seemed a little less inhospitable to a lone artist.

I indulgently quoted myself in the post accompanying “Grow Roots” and I find those words echoing in my mind today as I reflect on that occassion: be free, create, and grow roots.  It is a superb feeling to know that you have followed your own advice.