1. The New York Times is introducing a graphic book bestseller list. There will even be separate categories for hardcover,  softcover, and manga.

I don’t think I will give up my Wizard magazine just yet and what’s the deal with calling my graphic novel which itself is just a collection of comic books a chimerical graphic book.  Baby steps…

2. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian has opened an exhibit entitled “Comic Art Indigene.” That’s right comics are indigenous baby!

The origin of sequential art is depicted with rock art, ledger art and ceramics as its evolution toward the modern comic is revealed.

You see comics aren’t just taking over the world in their primal way they have always exerted more influence than they are given credit.

3. With a comic book fan in the White House, the geek-in-chief and hero of hope President Barack Obama helped Spidey release the best selling comic in over a decade.

4. Drawing from another New York Times headline, the financial crisis has a solution rooted in comic superheroes.  Rob Cox and Antony Currie declare,  “Citigroup, Turn on Your Bat-Signal.”

Here comes the Justice League to spare us a continued financial meltdown by being recruited as the first ever superhero board of directors.

5. The Watchmen