I designed this logo for a fantastic organization called Iemanya Oceanica.   It was intended to be used for a promotional material Iemanya was sending to some of their generous lawyer friends and donors.   It was actually my Dad’s idea to riff on the concept of a lawyer as a shark.  I thought the idea was pretty funny and it made for an interesting logo.

Iemanya is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks and rays and their habitats.  Iemanya supports research, provides environmental education, and promotes sensible environmental policy.

It really frightened me to learn that possibly as many as 100 million sharks are killed in a given year.  Many of them have their fins lopped off and are brutally thrown back in the ocean to die all of the sake of shark fin soup.

The numbers are staggering and there are many good reasons to preserve this apex predator.  Don’t buy the hype portraying sharks as mindless and viscious maneaters and if you are feeling particularly ambitious I encourage you to adopt-a-shark today.