One of my brother’s best friends is Michael Wakcher of Circle Versus Square fame. He also maintains a site of original quotes and witticisms at which are sometimes wise and always amusing.

My brother and Mike were discussing how absolutely terrible Halloween poems and rhymes are such as this morsel by Theodosia Garrison:

At first cock-crow the ghosts must go
Back to their quiet graves below.

Of course, Wakcher  in his brash style declared, “I could do that.”  He then proceeded to rattle of the following with remarkable speed:

Magic spells and ancient tomes,
Strangers invite you in there homes.

Banchee screams and until your deaf,
Giving coins to unicef.

Wolves will howl, and owls hoot,
The creepy guy who gives out fruit.

Trick or treats for you and me,
Candy laced with PCP.

When my brother Adam retold them to me I completely cracked up.  Not quite a complete Halloween poem, but strung together they are not far off either.  Regardless, they seemed like a perfectly good way to say happy Halloween to all of you.